Next Level Delivery Service, was founded in 2017 with a vision to provide “In-House” delivery driver customer service and quality with the cost and efficiency of a “Contract” delivery driver model. I worked 14 years as an Operations General Manager for a large retail company that utilized “In-House” delivery drivers as well as “Contract” delivery drivers. One thing that I noticed very quickly is that “In-House” drivers brought a high level of service and professionalism in comparison to their contractor counterparts due to having more, of what I like to call, skin in the game. My motivation behind leaving my comfortable, stable career and opening my own business was fueled by my passion to change this perception and offer to my clients the ease, comfort, high level service, professionalism and cost effectiveness that contract delivery brings to the table.

Starting with one truck and using the kitchen table an office, Next Level Delivery Service has been able to strategically expand throughout Northern California. During this time, we have been able to provide steady work for high quality individuals in the markets that we service, which include but is not limited to; Oakland, Stockton, Lathrop, and Sacramento.

By requiring a Next Level understanding of customer service and quality from all our contracted partners. Coupled with hands on training for delivery technique and appearance standards, I have been able to inspect what I expect through measurable metrics that are reviewed and communicated to every contract partner on a consistent basis.

Next Level Delivery Service prides itself on being a leading provider of Final Mile/White Glove delivery services to every customer, like you are our only customer.